Sunday, February 22, 2009

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

This was a very good video. The professor talked about a lot of different things. One thing he talked about was his childhood dream. He let the listeners know how he got a chance to complete his childhood dreams. This is so amazing that someone actually had a chance to complete their dream as a child. I believe that Mr. Pausch was taking his condition very good. He seemed to be so happy and cheerful about life.

He taught high technology courses. All of his classes had to make video's. This is where the students created a virtual world. A display was set up so everyone could see how a virtual world is conducted. The students would actually perform their video in front of a live audience. This would be a very good thing to try to in corporate into my classroom.

Another class that he offered was the dream fulfillment factor. It was program where they made things. I think that his teaching technique was very interesting. He used computer based programs for all of his classes. I think that it would be very fun to build different virtual worlds.

The professor also talked about Alice which is a program that he built. He taught it to his students to get them to learn computer programing. Teaching students how to learn different programing is a very helpful thing to learn. As a teacher I hope to get my students involved in technology in the classroom. The professor really teaches his students students how to have fun while using different technologies. I hope that my students will enjoy my class and have fun while doing it.

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