Sunday, February 15, 2009

Response: 2008 Podcast

The first podcast I listened to was Technology used at the University of South Alabama by Jennifer Harris, Alison Hawes, and Amelia Perkins. The students needed to explain more about the different technology such as Noodle. They can improve by talking a little bit more about the online courses that are offered and how they work. The students can talk about more new technology that we as students can use to help us understand this new technology. The students could have talked about what we can do as students to improve technology at South. This podcast was alright they just need to tell the listeners more about the different technology. In my podcast I will try to inform the listeners about ways that I as a student can improve upon the subject that I'm doing my podcast on
The next podcast I listened to was Useful Internet Sites for Elementary Teachers by Rosilyn Harris, Marlena Marsh, and Tomeka Washington. The beginning of the podcast started out good but the second person that was talking seemed a little nervous. She talked about the Alabama Virtual Library website she needed to give a little bit more about the website and how it is used. The websites that they gave was a really good website such as resources, and etc. The students needs to tell the listeners some more information about the different websites. The improvements I will make in my podcast is to give a little more information on my subject. If I use a website in my podcast I would make sure that listeners knew how to get to that website. Overall this was a good podcast it just needed those minor improvements that I mentioned.

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