Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fischbowl 2007 Blog

The blog that I read was April blog 180 days. This was a very good blog. It talked about how Barry Bachenheimer the director of instruction for Caldwell West Public School and professor of Montclair State University let his students view the Did You Know?/ Shift Happens video. He wanted to bring about a discussion on how this would affect students. He had some mixed reaction from students but overall the students loved the video.
Fischbowl used some of Barry ideas and made a video that I just loved. The video showed the teachers dancing and having a blast in the school gym in front of all the students. The teachers danced to different kinds of music while the students enjoyed them. The video also showed that teachers can be fun people to be around. Teachers can come together and entertain the students. This was a very good blog and I enjoyed it very much.

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