Sunday, May 3, 2009

My EDM 310 Blog Assignments are Now Complete

I have really enjoyed this class. In this class I have gained a lot of information that will help me become a better teacher. I have enjoyed Dr. Strange and he's a great teacher. I wish all of my classmate farewell especially John Dunlop who has become a great friend of mine. I hope that all of you become great teachers.

Mandatory Post

I have learned a whole lot from this class. I learned some many things such as: creating documents,spreed sheets, podcast,Google information, ACCESS, ALEX, and etc. All of this information has helped me so much. I will be able to integrate all that I have learned into my classroom. All the information that I learned in this class will help me become a better teacher. Before I signed up for this class I new very little about different technology that can be used inside of the classroom. This class has been a blessing for me and I'm glad that I took this class. The information that I learned in this will help me so much as a up coming teacher. I will be able to post my website on a blog which will be very helpful to me. I can also use Google documents for my power point presentation for my students. I will also be able to use Twitter to communicate with other all around the country. Dr. Strange did cover everything in the classroom that I wanted to learn. Their is nothing in the class that I learned that I will forget. This was a wonderful class and I learned a lot.

My Experience With The Out of Town Teacher Contact

The person I got in contact with was Mr. Scott Caudill and he's a teacher at Raleigh Charter High School in Raleigh, North Carolina. Scott is a 9th grade Biology teacher. I learned a lot from him. He informed me on the technology that he use in his classes such as: computers, LCD projectors, VCR, and a DVD player. His school also has 2 computer labs that seat 24 students. Just this year his school purchased 2 mobile labs that have 10 lab tops a piece. I thought that was really wonderful to have a mobile lab that can go place to place. This shows me how technology have really increase over the past ten years. One thing that his 9th graders was able to experience this year was electrophoresis and a bacterial transformation lab. I thought that was a very good things that students get to have hands on experience with the different labs.

One thing that was very interesting is that they have a budget which includes 2 computer specialists at their school. The specialist upgrades their computer technology more frequently than many other country schools can afford to do. I thought that was very neat to have some one come in and update their system where they can be always current with there technology.

He also gave me good advice as a up coming teacher. He told to plan everything and spend much time as I kind to plan. Also he informed me that I needed to have at least three activities for every class. He said transition is very importantfor teachers. He taught me some aspect as I move through my lessons. The most important thing that I took from this adivice is to never allow students down time. He is not a big advocate for blogs they scare him a little. He believes that two manypeople expressing their opinion about what is going on educated or not. I really did enjoy this projet it gave me some insight on what others are doing in technolgy. Interacting with this teacher also gave me some advice on teaching.