Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dr. Christie's Site and iPods Usage

I really did enjoy Dr. Christie website. It was full of all kinds of exciting things that can be used in a classroom. This website talks about different kinds of technology that can be used in the classroom. This site will be a good educational resource to use. The site breaks everything down and tells you how to use them.
Making a electronic portfolio was one of the things that got my attention. I think that having a portfolio is a really good thing I can have. On your electronic portfolio you can store everything. You can have your power point, website, resume, movies, and etc on the portfolio. This will be a very good resource for me to use as a teacher. It will be really helpful to me as a teacher.

Information on iPods

I Pods can be a very useful tool. It can used to play movies, songs, games, and etc. Having an i Pods can save you all kinds of money by just having this one device. As a teacher you could use it to store all types of information. I can also use the i Pod to hold photos. This is a good tool for people that love to take pictures.
Duke University is doing a very good thing by giving all of their first year students i Pods. Integrating technology into the classroom is very important. As a science teacher it would be a good device for me to use by downloading different images to the i Pod for students can understand. I believe that i Pods in the classrooms should be used by every teacher. This will serve as a useful tool for teachers. To find information about i Pods go to

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