Sunday, February 8, 2009

Response to: Is it okay to be technologically Illiterate teacher

I think that this was a very interesting post. Some of the tings that he talked about I really did agree with. I also believe that teachers should be exposed to technology. I think that the more a teacher knows about computers the better off she will be. Being computer illiterate can really hurt you as a teacher. The reason why I think this is because a teacher can post a lot of stuff to their own website or blog. If you did not know about computers you will not know how to create anything using a computer.
Using technology is also a very important thing to learn if you are a classroom teacher. The reason is because you may have computers in your classroom and you must be able to show the children how to work the computer. Technology also plays a big part for a teacher if she wants to use power point in order to present her lesson that she is going to teach. Power point can be very helpful when the teacher is trying to present a lesson. I can really say that I agree 100% with Karl Fisch about teachers that are illiterate to technology.

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