Sunday, May 3, 2009

My EDM 310 Blog Assignments are Now Complete

I have really enjoyed this class. In this class I have gained a lot of information that will help me become a better teacher. I have enjoyed Dr. Strange and he's a great teacher. I wish all of my classmate farewell especially John Dunlop who has become a great friend of mine. I hope that all of you become great teachers.

Mandatory Post

I have learned a whole lot from this class. I learned some many things such as: creating documents,spreed sheets, podcast,Google information, ACCESS, ALEX, and etc. All of this information has helped me so much. I will be able to integrate all that I have learned into my classroom. All the information that I learned in this class will help me become a better teacher. Before I signed up for this class I new very little about different technology that can be used inside of the classroom. This class has been a blessing for me and I'm glad that I took this class. The information that I learned in this will help me so much as a up coming teacher. I will be able to post my website on a blog which will be very helpful to me. I can also use Google documents for my power point presentation for my students. I will also be able to use Twitter to communicate with other all around the country. Dr. Strange did cover everything in the classroom that I wanted to learn. Their is nothing in the class that I learned that I will forget. This was a wonderful class and I learned a lot.

My Experience With The Out of Town Teacher Contact

The person I got in contact with was Mr. Scott Caudill and he's a teacher at Raleigh Charter High School in Raleigh, North Carolina. Scott is a 9th grade Biology teacher. I learned a lot from him. He informed me on the technology that he use in his classes such as: computers, LCD projectors, VCR, and a DVD player. His school also has 2 computer labs that seat 24 students. Just this year his school purchased 2 mobile labs that have 10 lab tops a piece. I thought that was really wonderful to have a mobile lab that can go place to place. This shows me how technology have really increase over the past ten years. One thing that his 9th graders was able to experience this year was electrophoresis and a bacterial transformation lab. I thought that was a very good things that students get to have hands on experience with the different labs.

One thing that was very interesting is that they have a budget which includes 2 computer specialists at their school. The specialist upgrades their computer technology more frequently than many other country schools can afford to do. I thought that was very neat to have some one come in and update their system where they can be always current with there technology.

He also gave me good advice as a up coming teacher. He told to plan everything and spend much time as I kind to plan. Also he informed me that I needed to have at least three activities for every class. He said transition is very importantfor teachers. He taught me some aspect as I move through my lessons. The most important thing that I took from this adivice is to never allow students down time. He is not a big advocate for blogs they scare him a little. He believes that two manypeople expressing their opinion about what is going on educated or not. I really did enjoy this projet it gave me some insight on what others are doing in technolgy. Interacting with this teacher also gave me some advice on teaching.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reation to Sir Robinsons' arguments'

I did agree with Sir Ken Roberson argument. I believe that you have to love what you do in order to do it. One thing that I really agreed with is that he stated that, if you love something you would practice at it all the time. Another thing that he stated was that, people do their best when their are in their on element. I believe that people do their best in something that they really love. One other thing that I agreed with is that University is not for everybody. I believe that people have other talents besides going to school. I do believe that getting a higher education will help you obtain a better job.

My reaction is that I believe that this would help me become a better teacher. I will try to focus on better ways that I can get my students to understand their giving talents. This talk made me think that their are other ways that people can become successful. I will keep these thoughts in mind as a up coming teacher.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twitter Assignment

I learned a lot about twitter. The first thing I used to learn about twitter was some articles. The articles were from Time Magazine and New York Times. The articles gave a lot of detail information about twitter. The articled gave me information such as: what it is, how it works and etc. The second thing I used to learn about twitter was a podcast. The podcast I listened to was Talking Twitter with Vanessa Haakenso.This podcast gave me some more information about twitter. It also gave information on how to use twitter, when to tweet and etc.

I basically tweeted every two to four days. Every time I tweeted I would look at the different tweets that I followed. I did send a specific tweet to two people in public and private form. I believe that twitter was an OK system to use. The benefits of twitter as a teacher would be that I could post small assignments to the system for my students to do. I could also use it to post messages. The negative aspect of twitter is that you can only post a 140 characters. As an individual I will use it to send messages back and forth to friends. I'm likely to use twitter as a teacher. I believe that twitter is something that can introduce to my students.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Review of 4 Podcasts

The podcast I listened to was my groups podcast. The name of the podcast was, A discussion of" Did You Know? Shift Happens" by Jessica Prestage, John Dunlop, and Christie Love. We could have improve by giving the website and link at the beginning of the podcast. I needed to speak up a little at the end of the broadcast.

The next podcast that I listened to was, The Economic Crisis and How it affects Alabama Schools: An interview with Dr. Harold Dodge by Johnie Augtman and Jacquelyn. I think they could have improve by adding more questions to their discussion. They could have responded a little more to the questions that he answered. Overall I really enjoyed this podcast, because it answered a lot of questions that I needed to know about teacher jobs in Mobile.

The third podcast I listened to was You -Tube, Can it be Useful in the Classroom by Michael Pace and BJ Moore. They could improve by letting the listener know exactly what is You - Tube is about. The students needed to give a website or a Url to get to You - Tube in the beginning of the podcast. Also they could have gave the listeners a little more information on how it can be useful in the classroom. Overall this was an OK podcast.

The last podcast I listened to was, Jobs, Teachers and Education: A Discussion with Dean Richard Hayes by Justin Bailey, Helen Ramsey and Meagan Green. The response by the students could have been a little bit better. The students could have asked more questions directed towards jobs for teachers. Overall this was a very good podcast. I really did enjoy listening to the podcast. I believe that overall the podcast I listen to were very good.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pluses and Minuses of Blogs

The blog I viewed was John Dunlop. His blog was filled with a lot of good things. He expressed his views about different topics very well. He explain to the readers how he felt about a topic in details. His blog was well put together.

A blog have a lot of pluses about it. One good thing about a blog is that you can post your classroom assignments on it. Another thing that is good about a blog is that it gives students experience with new technology. Blogs can be used as a educational tool to teach students. Blogs are very important to have for a students.

I will use my blog to post my class website. I will also use my professional blog to obtain employment as a teacher. Blogs will be so helpful to me as a teacher. I will use blogs for so many things. I will also introduce blogs to my fellow teachers.

I believe that blogs do not have any minuses about it. I do not have anything negative to say about blogs. I love everything about blogs. I believe that blogs should be use in every classroom. Blog will be helpful to all teachers everywhere.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Growth" vs "Fixed" Minds Podcast

The video podcast for the week was a very interesting podcast. The video consist of two research study that were done on college students. The groups were divided into Study Skills and Growth Mindset. The study was then performed on both groups. One of the groups were a control group.

In this study some believed that intelligence is something that can be developed through studying. The first group was taught study skills. The other group was taught study skills and growth mindset. The research findings were amazing. The group that only use study skills did not do well. The grades for the study skills group did not increase they still were declining. The other group had great improvements. The group showed better achievements on tests and their grades improved.

This will have a big affect on me as a teacher. I will use this to talk to my students about their study skills. They will also be able to watch the video to determine which group they fall into. This was a very good video and I enjoyed it. I will use this video as a teacher.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Video Podcast

The video I watched was about the Earth as a System. It briefly talked about the different things that takes place on the earth. The video talked about how the earth is the only planet that has life. It also shows how oceans circulation causes moisture to form in the air. The video shows were earthquakes and volcanoes are formed and their locations. One thing that was very interesting to me is that it showed how earth looks at night from the satellites. That was very interesting to see the earth from space at night.
The videos can be helpful to me as a science teacher. I can use it as a tool for my students to learn. As a teacher I can also use these video as a teaching tool for my students. I can have my students get involve with science by having them do some type of podcast about different projects. The podcast will help my students get interested in science.
I really did enjoy the different podcast that talked about science. It really showed me different ways I can interact with my students by using podcast. I will be using these videos as a teacher. I would like to have a video podcast as a teacher. I believe that my students will benefit from this type of podcast.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Edible Schoolyard and A night in the Global Village

The Edible Schoolyard was a really good podcast. The students would create their own vegetable garden. They would learn about all different subjects such as math, science, social studies, and etc. The students would learn how to cooperate with one another and group projects. This was a very good podcast and it would be good to use as a teacher.

A Night in Global Village was also a good podcast. It talk about how students traded their life in the USA for a life in a third world country. The students got a chance to see how it was to live in a poor country without the luxuries in the USA. This trip would teach the students so many things such as values. The students would value what they have and never take it for granted.

Podcast like these would be very useful to me as a teacher. I could use the first podcast in my science classes. This would teach the students about how things grow. I could also teach this activity as a group project. The students would learn how to work together and get along. Taking field trips to other countries would be another thing that I could use. This would teach a child to appreciate what they have. I'm going to use all of these ideas as a teacher.

i Tunes University

I think that i Tunes University is a very good educational tool to use. You can find different types of audio of classroom lectures. As a teacher I will be able to learn about different colleges and what they are doing on i Tunes. It also has educational information on different things. You can also go on i Tunes University to different categories and pick out different subjects such as business, math, science, and etc.
Also you can go to different course pages of each university and learn what the professors are teaching in their classrooms. I really like i Tunes University it will be very helpful for me as a student and teacher. As a student I can go on there to listen to different podcasts. Also as a teacher I can go on there to learn about the different things that are taught in science. I will enjoy going on i Tunes University as a student and a teacher. The website I went to is

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wikipedia Response

I also believe that wikipedia cannot be trusted. The reason why is because if anyone can change something in wikipedia it is nothing from there that I can use for my classes. It is very important to have something that is very reliable to use. If anyone can go in and change things it cannot be safe. Information coming from wikipedia is something I have never used. The reason why is because I just cannot trust it. I will never use wikipedia for any of my classes or personal use.

Dr. Christie's Site and iPods Usage

I really did enjoy Dr. Christie website. It was full of all kinds of exciting things that can be used in a classroom. This website talks about different kinds of technology that can be used in the classroom. This site will be a good educational resource to use. The site breaks everything down and tells you how to use them.
Making a electronic portfolio was one of the things that got my attention. I think that having a portfolio is a really good thing I can have. On your electronic portfolio you can store everything. You can have your power point, website, resume, movies, and etc on the portfolio. This will be a very good resource for me to use as a teacher. It will be really helpful to me as a teacher.

Information on iPods

I Pods can be a very useful tool. It can used to play movies, songs, games, and etc. Having an i Pods can save you all kinds of money by just having this one device. As a teacher you could use it to store all types of information. I can also use the i Pod to hold photos. This is a good tool for people that love to take pictures.
Duke University is doing a very good thing by giving all of their first year students i Pods. Integrating technology into the classroom is very important. As a science teacher it would be a good device for me to use by downloading different images to the i Pod for students can understand. I believe that i Pods in the classrooms should be used by every teacher. This will serve as a useful tool for teachers. To find information about i Pods go to

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

This was a very good video. The professor talked about a lot of different things. One thing he talked about was his childhood dream. He let the listeners know how he got a chance to complete his childhood dreams. This is so amazing that someone actually had a chance to complete their dream as a child. I believe that Mr. Pausch was taking his condition very good. He seemed to be so happy and cheerful about life.

He taught high technology courses. All of his classes had to make video's. This is where the students created a virtual world. A display was set up so everyone could see how a virtual world is conducted. The students would actually perform their video in front of a live audience. This would be a very good thing to try to in corporate into my classroom.

Another class that he offered was the dream fulfillment factor. It was program where they made things. I think that his teaching technique was very interesting. He used computer based programs for all of his classes. I think that it would be very fun to build different virtual worlds.

The professor also talked about Alice which is a program that he built. He taught it to his students to get them to learn computer programing. Teaching students how to learn different programing is a very helpful thing to learn. As a teacher I hope to get my students involved in technology in the classroom. The professor really teaches his students students how to have fun while using different technologies. I hope that my students will enjoy my class and have fun while doing it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fischbowl 2007 Blog

The blog that I read was April blog 180 days. This was a very good blog. It talked about how Barry Bachenheimer the director of instruction for Caldwell West Public School and professor of Montclair State University let his students view the Did You Know?/ Shift Happens video. He wanted to bring about a discussion on how this would affect students. He had some mixed reaction from students but overall the students loved the video.
Fischbowl used some of Barry ideas and made a video that I just loved. The video showed the teachers dancing and having a blast in the school gym in front of all the students. The teachers danced to different kinds of music while the students enjoyed them. The video also showed that teachers can be fun people to be around. Teachers can come together and entertain the students. This was a very good blog and I enjoyed it very much.

Response: 2008 Podcast

The first podcast I listened to was Technology used at the University of South Alabama by Jennifer Harris, Alison Hawes, and Amelia Perkins. The students needed to explain more about the different technology such as Noodle. They can improve by talking a little bit more about the online courses that are offered and how they work. The students can talk about more new technology that we as students can use to help us understand this new technology. The students could have talked about what we can do as students to improve technology at South. This podcast was alright they just need to tell the listeners more about the different technology. In my podcast I will try to inform the listeners about ways that I as a student can improve upon the subject that I'm doing my podcast on
The next podcast I listened to was Useful Internet Sites for Elementary Teachers by Rosilyn Harris, Marlena Marsh, and Tomeka Washington. The beginning of the podcast started out good but the second person that was talking seemed a little nervous. She talked about the Alabama Virtual Library website she needed to give a little bit more about the website and how it is used. The websites that they gave was a really good website such as resources, and etc. The students needs to tell the listeners some more information about the different websites. The improvements I will make in my podcast is to give a little more information on my subject. If I use a website in my podcast I would make sure that listeners knew how to get to that website. Overall this was a good podcast it just needed those minor improvements that I mentioned.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Response to: Is it okay to be technologically Illiterate teacher

I think that this was a very interesting post. Some of the tings that he talked about I really did agree with. I also believe that teachers should be exposed to technology. I think that the more a teacher knows about computers the better off she will be. Being computer illiterate can really hurt you as a teacher. The reason why I think this is because a teacher can post a lot of stuff to their own website or blog. If you did not know about computers you will not know how to create anything using a computer.
Using technology is also a very important thing to learn if you are a classroom teacher. The reason is because you may have computers in your classroom and you must be able to show the children how to work the computer. Technology also plays a big part for a teacher if she wants to use power point in order to present her lesson that she is going to teach. Power point can be very helpful when the teacher is trying to present a lesson. I can really say that I agree 100% with Karl Fisch about teachers that are illiterate to technology.

What I learned from Podcasting

Smart board was very interesting podcast and I enjoyed it very much. It gives teachers ideas on what they can be doing with their students in her classroom. This podcast also let teachers know what is going on in the teachers world. Also teachers will write in and talk about things that are going on in their cities. Teachers are connecting all over the world through collaboration on this podcast. The show gives you an insight on different collaboration that is going on with teachers in their schools. The website where teachers can connect with each other is teacher podcast. When I become a teacher I will be using this website to connect with teachers all over the world.

Kidcast is a podcast for the classroom. It shows teachers how to teach their classes the correct way to use podcast throughout their classroom. I believe that podcast for students is a very good way to get the child involved in technology. This will help them build their confidence for speaking to an audience. This is something that i hope to use as a science teacher.

Edtechtalk is a podcast that talk about the technology aspect of education. I think that this is a very interesting podcast. It gives information on the new technology that can be used inside the classroom. Teachers can also learn about new things that they can bring inside their classroom such as comic books. This is a very informative podcast it gives you a lot of information on what kind of new technology that can be used inside your classroom. This will be a very useful podcast when I start teaching.

Macbreack weekly is a podcast that talks about new technology that is coming out. It talks about the new technology that is coming out for Mac, Apple and etc. The show also mention how well mac computers are selling in the world. It tells you about the new I phone and how their doing in sells. This is a very informative podcast it gives me a lot of good information about new technology and how well it is doing. I really like this podcast because it gives me an insight on technology.

This week in photography is a podcast that talks about different photography being shot in the country. On this podcast they talked about the different photography that they took of the president. They expressed how the photos made them feel. This podcast let you know about the importance of photography and how it fits into everyday life. I really enjoyed this podcast because I love taking photography.

I could not find Connect Learning podcast. I listened to Teachers Created Materials podcast episode 3 making and writing words. This was a very interesting podcast it shows you different ways that you can teach your students. It also give you different strategies that you can use to get your students to learn.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Second International Class Blog

The next international class blog I visited was in Shanghai, China. This was Toa's fifth grade class. On this site it had information about homework assignments, curriculum, extra assignments,and subjects being learned. This site also posted information about what is going on in the United States. The site also talked about how the weather is in China. It also gives you a list of all the students in the class. Also the student is able to login into the library. This is how this blog is being used.

International School Blog

The international school blog that I visited was in Adelaide,S. Austria. The name of the school is Hackham East School. This class is a fifth and sixth grade level. The teacher name is Mr. Lamshed. This website tell students about up coming events that they will have. This site also talks about how they educate boys at their school. This site also has a task central which tells the boys what they will be doing for the week. This site also let the viewer and the class know information on what will be happening throughout the year. This site also have learning links, notices and newsletter. This is how the site is being used.
This is the web address for the second United states school blog.
The second blog that I visited was a high school digital photography blog. The high school is located in Arizona. The blog posted some assignments that each classroom period will be doing. The site also gives student some insight on what they will be creating for graduation. It also tells about some of the scholarships that are being offered. The site also posts pictures that the teacher has posted. Also it lists some homework that classes will be doing. This is how the blog is being used.
The class blog that I visited was in Cynthiana, Kentucky.The teachers name is Mrs. Royse she is a teacher at Northside Elementary School. Her blog is Mrs. Royse's classroom blog. This blog is used to post homework assignments. The blog also post announcements about up coming holidays. The site also tells the student about up coming tests. It also tell the students about up coming educational events at the school. This is how the blog is being used.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reation to the Fischbowl

This short movie was very knowledgeable and insightful. The things the movie showed me were things that I had no idea about. In the beginning it stated that in 8 sec. 34 babies are born. That piece of information is remarkable. I had no idea that so many babies were born in so many seconds. The movie also expresses how we as a people are advancing fast through technology. I also wonder will my kids be ready for this fast approaching technology.
I was also amazed by the number of married couple that meet online 1 of 8. That is very surprising to me to think that a person can meet their mate online. Also it was amazing to learn that of the 2006 graduates in India a 100% of them speak English. I was amazed to learn about that since English is one of the hardest speaking language. What also amazed me is that collaboration is done throughout the world on classroom projects. This is very exciting for me to learn as a up coming teacher that I could be collaborating with different people all over the world. This was a very good movie to see. It was very insightful and I will recommend this movie for my fellow friends and classmate to watch.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Information about Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators and Students Statewide ( ACCESS)

ACCESS is a distance learning program used to bring together teachers and students all over Alabama through technology. This program provides high school students with the opportunity to take classes that are not offered at their school. This program is a good thing for students that want to learn about subjects not taught at their school.

Information about Alabama Learning Exchange ( ALEX)

ALEX is a website design for teachers. This website provides information about all areas of course study such as Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, Career Technical, Driver ED, Health, Physical Education, and Technology Education. The site also break the subject down to different subject within that field of study. It also breaks down various subject and what it entails. An example of this would be for science it shows you all the different sciences that are taught from K-12. It tell you about the Alabama Content of Standard and what needs to be taught for that particular subject. It also tells you what you need to do for different labs and what needs to be taught. The website also shows you lesson plans in each subject area. The site gives you detail lesson plan for the subject you are teaching. The website also has a personal workspace where you can keep all your lesson plan and create your own web page. The site also has a professional learning where you can learn about different ways to teach your students and much more. The site also offer distance learning where you can find more courses that students can take. I believe that ALEX will be really helpful to me when I start teaching. It will provide me with all the resources I need to start off as a new teacher. I will be able to look at all the things that are availible and have an idea on the different types of lesson plans and how to set them up. When I do start teaching this will be the number 1 website that I go to for most of my resources.

Information about Christie Love

My name is Christie Love I'm 30 years old. I have two kids, both of which are school age children. I like to go shopping and read books. The reason I'm at South is to obtain a degree in secondary education. I want to become a high school science teacher. I would like to teach 12th grade. My goal is to graduate with my bachelor degree in education. After graduation I would like to go back to school and obtain my master degree. My long term goal is to eventually become a high school or middle school principal.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My children name

My children name is christopher