Sunday, February 8, 2009

What I learned from Podcasting

Smart board was very interesting podcast and I enjoyed it very much. It gives teachers ideas on what they can be doing with their students in her classroom. This podcast also let teachers know what is going on in the teachers world. Also teachers will write in and talk about things that are going on in their cities. Teachers are connecting all over the world through collaboration on this podcast. The show gives you an insight on different collaboration that is going on with teachers in their schools. The website where teachers can connect with each other is teacher podcast. When I become a teacher I will be using this website to connect with teachers all over the world.

Kidcast is a podcast for the classroom. It shows teachers how to teach their classes the correct way to use podcast throughout their classroom. I believe that podcast for students is a very good way to get the child involved in technology. This will help them build their confidence for speaking to an audience. This is something that i hope to use as a science teacher.

Edtechtalk is a podcast that talk about the technology aspect of education. I think that this is a very interesting podcast. It gives information on the new technology that can be used inside the classroom. Teachers can also learn about new things that they can bring inside their classroom such as comic books. This is a very informative podcast it gives you a lot of information on what kind of new technology that can be used inside your classroom. This will be a very useful podcast when I start teaching.

Macbreack weekly is a podcast that talks about new technology that is coming out. It talks about the new technology that is coming out for Mac, Apple and etc. The show also mention how well mac computers are selling in the world. It tells you about the new I phone and how their doing in sells. This is a very informative podcast it gives me a lot of good information about new technology and how well it is doing. I really like this podcast because it gives me an insight on technology.

This week in photography is a podcast that talks about different photography being shot in the country. On this podcast they talked about the different photography that they took of the president. They expressed how the photos made them feel. This podcast let you know about the importance of photography and how it fits into everyday life. I really enjoyed this podcast because I love taking photography.

I could not find Connect Learning podcast. I listened to Teachers Created Materials podcast episode 3 making and writing words. This was a very interesting podcast it shows you different ways that you can teach your students. It also give you different strategies that you can use to get your students to learn.

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