Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Growth" vs "Fixed" Minds Podcast

The video podcast for the week was a very interesting podcast. The video consist of two research study that were done on college students. The groups were divided into Study Skills and Growth Mindset. The study was then performed on both groups. One of the groups were a control group.

In this study some believed that intelligence is something that can be developed through studying. The first group was taught study skills. The other group was taught study skills and growth mindset. The research findings were amazing. The group that only use study skills did not do well. The grades for the study skills group did not increase they still were declining. The other group had great improvements. The group showed better achievements on tests and their grades improved.

This will have a big affect on me as a teacher. I will use this to talk to my students about their study skills. They will also be able to watch the video to determine which group they fall into. This was a very good video and I enjoyed it. I will use this video as a teacher.

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