Sunday, April 19, 2009

Review of 4 Podcasts

The podcast I listened to was my groups podcast. The name of the podcast was, A discussion of" Did You Know? Shift Happens" by Jessica Prestage, John Dunlop, and Christie Love. We could have improve by giving the website and link at the beginning of the podcast. I needed to speak up a little at the end of the broadcast.

The next podcast that I listened to was, The Economic Crisis and How it affects Alabama Schools: An interview with Dr. Harold Dodge by Johnie Augtman and Jacquelyn. I think they could have improve by adding more questions to their discussion. They could have responded a little more to the questions that he answered. Overall I really enjoyed this podcast, because it answered a lot of questions that I needed to know about teacher jobs in Mobile.

The third podcast I listened to was You -Tube, Can it be Useful in the Classroom by Michael Pace and BJ Moore. They could improve by letting the listener know exactly what is You - Tube is about. The students needed to give a website or a Url to get to You - Tube in the beginning of the podcast. Also they could have gave the listeners a little more information on how it can be useful in the classroom. Overall this was an OK podcast.

The last podcast I listened to was, Jobs, Teachers and Education: A Discussion with Dean Richard Hayes by Justin Bailey, Helen Ramsey and Meagan Green. The response by the students could have been a little bit better. The students could have asked more questions directed towards jobs for teachers. Overall this was a very good podcast. I really did enjoy listening to the podcast. I believe that overall the podcast I listen to were very good.

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