Sunday, March 29, 2009

Video Podcast

The video I watched was about the Earth as a System. It briefly talked about the different things that takes place on the earth. The video talked about how the earth is the only planet that has life. It also shows how oceans circulation causes moisture to form in the air. The video shows were earthquakes and volcanoes are formed and their locations. One thing that was very interesting to me is that it showed how earth looks at night from the satellites. That was very interesting to see the earth from space at night.
The videos can be helpful to me as a science teacher. I can use it as a tool for my students to learn. As a teacher I can also use these video as a teaching tool for my students. I can have my students get involve with science by having them do some type of podcast about different projects. The podcast will help my students get interested in science.
I really did enjoy the different podcast that talked about science. It really showed me different ways I can interact with my students by using podcast. I will be using these videos as a teacher. I would like to have a video podcast as a teacher. I believe that my students will benefit from this type of podcast.

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