Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twitter Assignment

I learned a lot about twitter. The first thing I used to learn about twitter was some articles. The articles were from Time Magazine and New York Times. The articles gave a lot of detail information about twitter. The articled gave me information such as: what it is, how it works and etc. The second thing I used to learn about twitter was a podcast. The podcast I listened to was Talking Twitter with Vanessa Haakenso.This podcast gave me some more information about twitter. It also gave information on how to use twitter, when to tweet and etc.

I basically tweeted every two to four days. Every time I tweeted I would look at the different tweets that I followed. I did send a specific tweet to two people in public and private form. I believe that twitter was an OK system to use. The benefits of twitter as a teacher would be that I could post small assignments to the system for my students to do. I could also use it to post messages. The negative aspect of twitter is that you can only post a 140 characters. As an individual I will use it to send messages back and forth to friends. I'm likely to use twitter as a teacher. I believe that twitter is something that can introduce to my students.

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  1. I was a bit perturbed by the character limit too Christie. I think that really limits the effectiveness of Twitter.