Sunday, March 8, 2009

i Tunes University

I think that i Tunes University is a very good educational tool to use. You can find different types of audio of classroom lectures. As a teacher I will be able to learn about different colleges and what they are doing on i Tunes. It also has educational information on different things. You can also go on i Tunes University to different categories and pick out different subjects such as business, math, science, and etc.
Also you can go to different course pages of each university and learn what the professors are teaching in their classrooms. I really like i Tunes University it will be very helpful for me as a student and teacher. As a student I can go on there to listen to different podcasts. Also as a teacher I can go on there to learn about the different things that are taught in science. I will enjoy going on i Tunes University as a student and a teacher. The website I went to is

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