Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Edible Schoolyard and A night in the Global Village

The Edible Schoolyard was a really good podcast. The students would create their own vegetable garden. They would learn about all different subjects such as math, science, social studies, and etc. The students would learn how to cooperate with one another and group projects. This was a very good podcast and it would be good to use as a teacher.

A Night in Global Village was also a good podcast. It talk about how students traded their life in the USA for a life in a third world country. The students got a chance to see how it was to live in a poor country without the luxuries in the USA. This trip would teach the students so many things such as values. The students would value what they have and never take it for granted.

Podcast like these would be very useful to me as a teacher. I could use the first podcast in my science classes. This would teach the students about how things grow. I could also teach this activity as a group project. The students would learn how to work together and get along. Taking field trips to other countries would be another thing that I could use. This would teach a child to appreciate what they have. I'm going to use all of these ideas as a teacher.

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