Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reation to the Fischbowl

This short movie was very knowledgeable and insightful. The things the movie showed me were things that I had no idea about. In the beginning it stated that in 8 sec. 34 babies are born. That piece of information is remarkable. I had no idea that so many babies were born in so many seconds. The movie also expresses how we as a people are advancing fast through technology. I also wonder will my kids be ready for this fast approaching technology.
I was also amazed by the number of married couple that meet online 1 of 8. That is very surprising to me to think that a person can meet their mate online. Also it was amazing to learn that of the 2006 graduates in India a 100% of them speak English. I was amazed to learn about that since English is one of the hardest speaking language. What also amazed me is that collaboration is done throughout the world on classroom projects. This is very exciting for me to learn as a up coming teacher that I could be collaborating with different people all over the world. This was a very good movie to see. It was very insightful and I will recommend this movie for my fellow friends and classmate to watch.

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