Sunday, January 18, 2009

Information about Alabama Learning Exchange ( ALEX)

ALEX is a website design for teachers. This website provides information about all areas of course study such as Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, Career Technical, Driver ED, Health, Physical Education, and Technology Education. The site also break the subject down to different subject within that field of study. It also breaks down various subject and what it entails. An example of this would be for science it shows you all the different sciences that are taught from K-12. It tell you about the Alabama Content of Standard and what needs to be taught for that particular subject. It also tells you what you need to do for different labs and what needs to be taught. The website also shows you lesson plans in each subject area. The site gives you detail lesson plan for the subject you are teaching. The website also has a personal workspace where you can keep all your lesson plan and create your own web page. The site also has a professional learning where you can learn about different ways to teach your students and much more. The site also offer distance learning where you can find more courses that students can take. I believe that ALEX will be really helpful to me when I start teaching. It will provide me with all the resources I need to start off as a new teacher. I will be able to look at all the things that are availible and have an idea on the different types of lesson plans and how to set them up. When I do start teaching this will be the number 1 website that I go to for most of my resources.

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