Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mandatory Post

I have learned a whole lot from this class. I learned some many things such as: creating documents,spreed sheets, podcast,Google information, ACCESS, ALEX, and etc. All of this information has helped me so much. I will be able to integrate all that I have learned into my classroom. All the information that I learned in this class will help me become a better teacher. Before I signed up for this class I new very little about different technology that can be used inside of the classroom. This class has been a blessing for me and I'm glad that I took this class. The information that I learned in this will help me so much as a up coming teacher. I will be able to post my website on a blog which will be very helpful to me. I can also use Google documents for my power point presentation for my students. I will also be able to use Twitter to communicate with other all around the country. Dr. Strange did cover everything in the classroom that I wanted to learn. Their is nothing in the class that I learned that I will forget. This was a wonderful class and I learned a lot.

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